Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweetest Sound


Yesterday, we drove west for some beach time. We trudged through the sugar sand with our hands full and set up camp in a secluded section. It was like our private beach! Aaron was putting sunscreen on while I held Shepherd on my lap in the shade, and Shepherd was staring at Aaron's every move, as he usually does. Out of nowhere, Shepherd burst out laughing!

We have been trying to coax laughter out of Shepherd for several weeks, and so far we have been unlucky, so this was a very happy surprise and completely unprovoked! Aaron and I just sort of stared at each other, wondering "is he really laughing?" Sure enough, he quickly stopped as soon as he caught on to the fact that he had an audience. Still, we were ecstatic to hear those giggles!

As soon as Aaron began applying more sunscreen, Shepherd again started laughing. He sounded a little maniacal, honestly... an adorable, high-pitched maniacal almost four-month-old! I imagine Shepherd wondered what the heck his daddy was doing patting his belly, arms and face. He was completely amused!

This morning, Shep was sitting in our bed as we got ready, and I was doing everything I could to turn his big smiles into laughter. Monkey noises, dancing, clapping, silly faces all got lots of smiles, but no laughs. I love his developing sense of humor and seeing what it is that makes him jubilant. I just can't wait to hear that laugh again!

And how fitting that Shepherd's first fit of laughter was directed at his wonderful daddy on Father's Day!


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