Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifteen Weeks

Shepherd is drooling and chewing on his hands non-stop. His smile lights up the room, and though we haven't heard a real laugh yet, I am so eager for that moment to come! He gets so tickled sometimes and just squeals and squeals. He's also bashful; if he is smiled at a lot, he will grin and bury his head in the shoulder of whoever is holding him. It's so precious!

Many people say he looks a lot like me right now. His eyes are changing and seem to be a different color every day. His dark hair is being replaced by sandy-colored hair. I see his dad's expressions in him mostly when he is being quiet and contemplative and when he is surprised. He gets these huge eyes that look just like Aaron's.

I need to post his three-month pictures and letter soon! He will be four months in two weeks. There are no words to describe the joy he brings us. I'm smitten.

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