Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catch Up

I dressed up our cat(s) for random holidays, so why not with my firstborn? Just for a couple of holidays while he's a little guy. I promise.

This is about all I've managed to do this week aside from emptying the dishwasher and doing a few loads of laundry, both of which felt like major triumphs. Shepherd had his one month appointment at the pediatrician last Tuesday, and wouldn't you know it, he came down with a nasty cold 24 hours later. By Friday we were back at the ped's office. I suspected it was just a cold, but his wheezing and a lot of coughing made me nervous. The nights were the worst; my sweet guy could t breathe, didn't want to nurse, and hardly slept all week. Now he is on the mend and I am the sick one. Fortunately it's just a head cold ad sore throat thanks to Tally's loathsome allergies, but I still feel pretty bad.

Shep's having a bear of a time napping still, so thank goodness for the Blogger app. It gives me an outlet while he fights sleep and I'm holding him until he succumbs.

We are staying in Tallahassee for Easter this year, with no plans but church and watching the Masters. It's not as fun to have no family close enough to celebrate with, but with our colds, it's probably better that way.

In other news, we are a month away from vacation! We are going to Hilton Head with the Nix family, and I am so excited to take our little beach bum on his first vacation and for him to meet/see the family again. Not so excited for finding a swimsuit, though.

I can't believe it's already in the high 80s/90s already and humid as can be. I've challenged myself to not change the thermostat below 78 degrees, so the fans are on full blast all day and night. Not sure that's as cost effective as just bumping the AC temp down lower, but...

Maternity leave is flying by. I can't believe Shepherd is six weeks already. I wrote his one month post, but I haven't added the pictures yet. I am surprised daily by how little I seem to be able to accomplish, but I'm not complaining. I am treasuring every moment I have with my boy. Even if I have to blog from my phone while he naps on my chest :)


Legally Married said...

This is why people like me should not neglect blogging for months - because then people like you have adorable babies and I don't see their pictures until they are big. :)

Congratulations - he is gorgeous!

Julia said...

Hope the little one is feeling better soon! He is so cute are getting big. Enjoy your time at home with him... the newborn days seem to pass too quickly! Happy Easter to you and your family!