Friday, December 16, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas Card Pictures

On the afternoon of Aaron's birthday, I dragged him out to a wooded lot and we took our 2011 Christmas card pictures. That's the abridged version.

Here are the details. He is such a sport and happily does his best when I ask him for ridiculous things. Earlier in the week I sent him an email with a few inspiration pictures and asked "can you do this?" He replied yes, so we planned to go out that weekend. Fast forward to that Saturday, and I dragged my feet in getting ready (pregnancy excuse, I know, but I was really tired), so at about 3:30 he told me we had to leave before the sun went down much more, otherwise it would be a waste of time. By 3:50 we were in the car, and I was in trouble. Whoops.

When we got to our little hundred acre wood, Aaron set up the tripod and took out the camera. And then hell broke loose. I forgot to grab the battery charger (and in my defense, so did Aaron) with the batteries attached, so after a few exchanges and a few tears (remember, hormonal pregnant lady) he drove back home to pick it up. When our little photo session was said and done, and Aaron was editing photos, we laughed and laughed. We almost included the very first picture we took in the card [it was HILARIOUS!]. In it, I am staring at the camera with the most angry look and Aaron is looking at me in disgust, pointing to the camera. Keeping it real—that is how the first five minutes went. Thankfully, the Grinch settled down, the lighting turned out to be OK, and we ended up with some really nice pictures.

I'll post the card when I've mailed them, but for now, here are some of the pictures we got.





I will find the angry photo file and post it along with our card, too, because just thinking about it makes me laugh.

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Julia said...

Glad it all worked out and you got some great photos. You two are an adorable couple! Have a wonderful weekend!