Sunday, December 11, 2011

29 Weeks

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29 Weeks
29 Weeks - December 2011

Our little one is just a couple short months away from being here. I honestly can't believe it. I also can't believe how much (it seems) there is to do before his arrival. I know it doesn't all need to be done, and it probably won't all be done anyway, but I can't help but want everything to be perfect and ready for him. I love him so much already.

How am I feeling this week? Aside from an unexpected medical issue, I've felt great. I definitely think I've experienced heartburn a few times this week. That's been a first. 

Movement: Baby guy is all over the place. It's so fun to see that Aaron is able to identify how much the baby is moving. Aaron's mom told me that he moved around all the time, so like father, like son! My doctor recommended I started counting kicks/monitoring movement, so I've been doing that, too. 

Cravings: Dairy, bananas. I think the word "craving" might be a bit misleading, though, because these aren't cravings like they were in the first and second trimesters but more just things that I really enjoy when I have them. 

Etc. We are halfway done with our childbirth classes, which we've taken through Childbirth Education Associates of Tallahassee. I will give a complete review when we finish the entire class. I have enjoyed the classroom setting, which I expected. I could probably go to a class like that every night until the baby gets here. I enjoy learning new things, even if they aren't really important, and hearing things despite already knowing them, and when it pertains to the baby it just makes me feel happy. I'm thankful to have learned more and for the active role I feel like Aaron's been able to take up because of these classes. He is much more engaged and aware of why I'm doing certain things, and he's been exceptional in acting as a helper in terms of movement and relaxation techniques. I don't know if he surprised me by liking it, but I'm certainly glad he does. 

This week I want to make decisions about core pieces of the baby's nursery. I'd like to have our crib here (or on the way) by Christmas. The bed that's in the room now will hopefully sell on craigslist soon, and an emptier room will make everything seem a little more real. Speaking of, I saw this stop motion video of setting up a crib by Rachel Thurston of Rachel Thurston Photography and fell in love. How fun would it be to do something similar for our entire nursery process? I've loved reading through her archived blogs from the time she was pregnant, as I can relate to a lot of her posts. 

Here's to good test results this week and a continued joyous Christmas season!


Julia said...

Glad you are feeling well! You look great! Praying for good results!!

Ashley said...

You're adorable!!

emily/thesearethedays said...

You guys are sweet. Thanks!