Sunday, December 4, 2011

28 Weeks

28 Weeks! 

How am I feeling this week? Good, but tired! I think between Thanksgiving travel and scurrying around trying to get our home in order before Christmas, so we can actually slow down and enjoy the season, I wore myself out this week. The good thing is I'm pretty much set now, so I will be taking it a lot easier for the next few weeks. But I don't want to think about taking Christmas down! And then there's the matter of the nursery...

Movement: Baby guy is still moving a ton. Always a good sign! At my doctor's appointment this week, he was measuring well and seemed to be growing and growing and right on schedule. 

Cravings: Hmm... nothing in particular this week.  

Etc.: We keep moving along! I can't believe the third trimester is here, Christmas is coming, 2012 will be here soon... and, most importantly, that we are going to have a baby in just a few months! Today is actually my niece Imogen's first birthday, and seeing pictures of how much she's grown in the last year just makes me smile. I know I'll feel both proud of Baby Guy and sad to see each stage pass as he grows, but I am so excited. 

As we unpacked our ornaments and put each one on the tree, I felt so happy. Growing up, Aaron got a Precious Moment ornament every year, and seeing his "Baby's First" ornament, and the next two decades of little boy ornaments, just made me smile. I can't wait for our little boy to join our family and to watch him grow through the years. 

The downside of the week was my doctor's appointment. The baby is in perfect health and doing well, thank God, so praise, first and foremost, for that. What's up is I've been monitoring a lump I found, and this upcoming week we will take the next steps toward solving the problem, however small or large it may be. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and general surgery scheduled for later this week, but, we're praying that whatever is found is of no consequence and does not actually require the surgery. There are myriad probabilities as to what exactly the lump is, the vast majority of them completely harmless, so I'm [impatiently] waiting until tomorrow to find out more.  I also learned a very valuable lesson---don't google "lump in breast during pregnancy" unless you want to spend the week scared to death of something out of your control. Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow!


Julia said...

I am saying a prayer for you at this moment. I have had two lump scares. One when I was 28 and another one almost two years ago right before my daughter's second birthday. The first one I had surgically removed and it was benign, thank God. They said it was probably from to much caffeine. I love my coffee and chocolate a bit too much. The second time I had an ultrasound and mammogram and it turned out to be only breast tissue, thank God, again. I will pray for peace for you. I know this can be stressful, but I believe that you will receive a good report. Take care.

a giant, a babywearer and a little kung fu panda said...

oh emily. i had no idea. please know you're in my thoughts and prayers. can't wait to see you soon and feel baby guy move :)