Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's like Christmas Eve Over Here

Tonight is practically Christmas Eve for Aaron and me. Sometime tomorrow, this little baby will arrive at our door step (not our actual doorstep, if you're reading this and you're a thief) and we are so excited. I've opined about wanting a dSLR for years, sometimes on this blog, and I'm eager and feeling incredibly blessed and thankful that the time is now right for our big purchase. Instead of Christmas and anniversary presents, Aaron and I decided we would buy this camera and a lens.

Since Aaron is a pro, the decision for which camera and which lens has been debated and discussed for months. Ultimately, we went with the 7D, which is less expensive but has more options for video, over the 5D with better color depth, full frame sensor, etc., which we originally planned on purchasing. I'm so happy we made the decision! And I can't wait to chronicle the holidays and baby guy's impending arrival with our new camera!

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Jillian Anderson said...

woohoo that's so exciting!