Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend at the Beach

I spent last Thursday and Friday in Sarasota for work, so after the five-hour drives to and fro, the only natural thing to do was jump in the car Saturday and head to Miramar Beach :) Once again, Aaron's aunt and uncle generously invited us to visit their home on the beach while Aaron's parents were visiting with them. I wasn't sure I would be up for another drive, but as soon as we saw the clear turquoise water, I was refreshed. 






I've never seen jellyfish there before, but there were a ton in the surf as we walked along the beach Sunday morning. Aaron hates marine life, so he refused to get in the water as soon as we saw the gross little blobs ballooning in the shallow water. 





It was great to be able to spend some time with Aaron's mom and dad two weekends in a row, especially because we didn't get to talk to them much the weekend before in Lincoln. We are so thankful that Aaron's aunt and uncle allow us to come up and stay for a night or two; being able to see the family in the fall and winter has been so nice, especially considering how far away Florida usually feels from the people we love so much. It was fun to talk about babies and pregnancy with my mother-in-law and Aaron's aunts, too, to hear their experiences. It was a much-needed and much-appreciated weekend of relaxing and refreshing. I left feeling really encouraged about so many of the things that have been weighing on my heart, which is perhaps the biggest blessing of all. 

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