Monday, October 17, 2011

20 and 21 Weeks

20 weeks

Yikes, in between D.C., Lincoln, Sarasota and a trip to the beach last weekend, I haven't been doing too well with the weekly update. So today's recap (at 22 weeks) will have to suffice for both weeks 20 and 21. 

How are you feeling? I felt great for both weeks 20 and 21. I don't have any aversions (that I can recall) and am back to feeling good about eating most things. I have had leg and foot cramps in the middle of the night for two or three nights, but they have been rare enough that they haven't interfered with sleep too much. In fact, I am sleeping well with exception of an extra time (rarely two) that I have to get up in the middle of the night. Waking up is hard for me!

Cravings and/or aversions? Miracle of miracles, I even had Chipotle on the way to Sarasota for a business trip! Thinking about the burrito made me feel worse than actually eating it did, fortunately, although I probably won't choose to go back any time soon.

I've been craving ice cold glasses of milk. We've bought out the grocery store in the last two weeks; I easily drink two to three glasses of milk every night in addition to a glass with my oatmeal (strawberry, please) at breakfast. I've also continued craving Fuji apples, bananas, fruit juice, sweet tea and cereal.

Anything else? Aaron's uncle asked me this weekend how I liked being pregnant. I have to say, I am absolutely loving it right now. The bump is apparent, which makes everything more real. I'm looking to our next appointment in a week and a half.

Baby guy has started moving a lot. Around 7:30 each night, and as I type this, he is jumping around a lot. On our drives to and from Miramar Beach, Aaron was able to feel little movements, which was so fun to watch. Sometimes, as I'm falling asleep, the baby is moving enough that Aaron can feel him for several minutes. It's a crazy feeling; to me it feels like someone is flicking my stomach from the inside out. 

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Tiffany N. said...

It's so funny... I'm experiencing everything that you posted here! (Except for the Chipotle.) Leg cramps, milk and kicking, though, definitely!! Those leg cramps are so weird... I feel like I need to stretch my legs so badly, but if I do, I'll get a really bad "charlie horse", so I can't! I've never experienced anything like that before!