Sunday, October 2, 2011

First weekend in October


Waking up to temperatures mid-50s? Check.
Pumpkins? Check.
Cinnamon and spice candles on the mantel? Check.
Chili in the crock pot? Check.

As you can tell, I've had a very autumn-inspired weekend. We bought a pumpkin, I took out the pumpkin-colored candles from last fall and made chili for Saturday's football game (the chili was so good; the game was so, so bad). The weather this weekend was so refreshing, but unfortunately, I think it will be fleeting... I'm so thankful we got to enjoy it all weekend, though!

We had another incident this morning with our apartment's water pipes. I woke up around 6:30, walked toward the bathroom and noticed cold water sloshing between my toes in the carpet. I kept walking to the bathroom, where our bath mats were soaking wet. I woke up Aaron, who called the emergency maintenance crew. I was worried no one would answer on a Sunday morning, but apparently the source was our neighbor whom we share a wall with, whose entire living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and laundry closet were under two inches of water since 2 a.m. A pipe burst in her wall, and some of that runoff went through the walls into our bathroom and bedroom closet. Thankfully, we had nothing to the extent she did, but it was definitely not the way I expected to start my Sunday! We have only a few industrial fans to dry out the carpet in our bedroom; she has to have the hardwood and carpet in most of her apartment replaced, the sheetrock her master bed and bath replaced in the ceiling and walls and will probably have to live in a hotel for a few weeks.

This is the second or third major incident with the water pipes since we've moved here; I'm thinking this is major enough to warrant a thorough inspection from the property management. I worry about the mold and fungus growing, especially if we are still in this apartment by the time the baby gets here.

Despite the rough morning, or maybe because of it, Aaron and I spent the rest of the day catnapping and relaxing. Cinnamon rolls have become our Sunday morning tradition; cinnamon and the cool breeze blowing through our living room were the perfect start to the day. I planned to do fall decorating today, but I don't really want to buy "fall" things, so instead I used black and mercury glass candlesticks on the mantel and pulled out the orange wreath I made last fall and hung it on our front door. I want to make a fun banner to hang on the mantel, too; that will be this week's project. I think I will call it good after that.

The pumpkin is residing outside, and I think it looks like it's sitting in a witch's cauldron with the green around it. I want to get a mum in the planter, too. Here's to a fabulous fall!


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