Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He or She?

Aaron and I decided long ago that, at least for our first child, we would find out the sex before he or she was born. We haven't really wavered from that for the last few months with baby, and I'm so excited to find out tomorrow! I think a surprise would be fun, but I know myself, and as fun as that day-of surprise would be, the fact that I can know already (well, at least with <90 percent probability) is so much more fun and exciting. Plus, since neither of our families are close by, I feel like knowing our baby's sex gives our families a greater opportunity to get to know the baby, too. 

Since I announced the pregnancy, my friend Jen has told me that if I'm feeling strongly about the baby being a boy or a girl, the baby's sex is probably is whatever I'm thinking. The crazy thing is I have an overarching opinion, but I don't know if it's exactly a feeling/intuition or just an opinion! 

One of my favorite bloggers, Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride, posted links to a Chinese gender prediction chart. I have heard that most babies are accurately predicted by the chart. According to this chart, our baby will be a boy. If you have babies, was this correct for you?

Gender predictor chart found here

Three out of the four of our parents have guessed girl; Aaron's dad's guess was the funniest (and only boy guess); he said "it's a boy Husker baby!" It made me laugh, but we know whether baby is a boy or girl, he or she will be a Husker! My sister Jillian guessed girl; Aaron's sister Tiffany guessed boy. Most of my friends are also leaning toward girl. I'm having so much fun hearing these predictions... it's kind of silly, but mostly just exciting!

Aaron and I have the same guess for the baby. Aaron doesn't have any preference, or at least any that he is telling, but I do... (obligatory "of course what is most important to me is having a healthy, strong, growing baby regardless of sex! Whether baby is a boy or girl, I will be overjoyed!" because it's true, y'all...) Nonetheless, I would love to have a boy!

For the record, Aaron and I both think that baby is a boy. 

My appointment is tomorrow morning, so keep our little one in your prayers: that he or she is healthy, growing, and that the anatomy scan goes wonderfully!

Any last-minute bets on Baby Nix's sex?


Jenny said...

the chart was correct for only one of the two - it predicted Jack would be a boy, but Miles was supposed to be a girl. And for the record, I think boy as well... but I think boys are the funnest :)

Joy said...

50% accuracy for my girls, too. Jillian correct, Emily, you should have been a boy.

K. A. Mallard said...

The Chinese chart was right for me both times. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!