Monday, September 19, 2011

17 weeks

No picture from this week... I will probably regret that, but oh well! I feel like Week 17 passed in a blur, mostly because I was really tired throughout the week. I got a little cold, which zapped my energy. I was also really hungry though this week. Fruit (watermelon, nectarines, plums, lemons), potatoes and bread were my faves of the week. I also enjoyed chicken for the first time in months!

The most exciting part of the week (and of the pregnancy so far) was feeling baby move for the first time on Tuesday. Of course, I'm not certain it was movement, but I really think so. I felt the same thing around the same time driving home from work and also when I would lie down on the couch each evening. To me, it felt like tiny popcorn kernels popping. So exciting!

After trying on a lot of nicknames for our little one, the only one that has really stuck is just plain "Baby." We both call it "Baby," and it's so endearing to hear Aaron say our little one's first name. Once again, I'm incredibly thankful for Aaron's reasonableness in the midst of my fluctuating emotions. I think I exasperated him by going from calm and serene one moment to full-out bawling the next.

I felt great through Week 17 and am looking forward to Week 18 (disclaimer, as I write this, I am already in Week 18. What I mean to say is I'm looking forward to finding out Baby's sex on Wednesday!) I can't deny the little bump that's growing anymore!

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