Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A stitch in time.

Sewing Machines #1 - The ADLER

I took my sewing machine to Destin on vacation so my mom could teach me how to use it. I got it for Christmas, and I have learned everything I've done so far from reading the manual. I regret never taking my mom up on the offer to learn how to sew; she does amazing work so effortlessly, and every time we go to my grandparents' house in Nebraska she shows us all of the clothes she made when she was in 4H from elementary to high school.

Well, this weekend we took out the machine and she was giving me basic tips, and these huge messes of shredded thread kept turning out on the underneath of the paper towels we were sewing (yes, we were sewing paper towels, that's all we had). I told her I've been having this problem since I broke the first needle. She cringed, looked at the needle and laughed.

I had forgotten to thread the needle through when I replaced the original one I'd broken. I actually somehow sewed a ruffled table cloth without threading the needle the entire time, however janky it may look on the inside... and a month later my mom solves the problem with my ugly sewing in about three minutes. We were both laughing so hard, and Aaron was so glad to see that the problem that was frustrating me was so easily solved.

I do have to say, Mom was impressed that I managed to actually sew something that looks decent without any previous knowledge... or a correctly-operating machine. Operator error. But you can't say I am not inventive (and stubborn!).

Now I'm looking forward to sewing pretty stitches that won't embarrass my mom. Hooray for learning new, better ways to live.

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