Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I got home this afternoon from a four day trip to Tampa and Orlando for work. Our fantastic events coordinator Sarah, who is getting a blog soon, needed some help with the events, and so I got to go! I am feeling very much like a business lady now, having been on my first evs work trip. And it helped that we stayed at a pretty swanky hotel, The Grand Bohemian, on one of our stops.

It was wild. Crushed red velvet, mirrors, glitter on the elevators? Questionable choices. Artwork? Also pretty interesting.

The pool there was pretty awesome, though.

I missed my husband.

I had cable TV for about 96 hours, but, alas, no Bravo.

I kept the air conditioning as cool as possible because I knew when I got home I'd be back in the war of the thermostat. I don't think Aaron moved it below 78 in the four days I was gone. I can't deal with that.

While I was gone, Mr. Mugs kept busy on set and building sets for pick-ups. He also had his first meeting with the alumni rep to talk about what happens after film school. My sweet boy sounded really panicked when he called me after that meeting. He hates not knowing what's next more than I do, but I know we're going to be completely fine. I don't know what shape or form our lives are going to take over the next few months, but I know we're going to be OK. We have a lot of thinking and praying and deciding to do. We'd appreciate your prayers, too, along with any insight into a couple of cities...

And now I'm back in Tallahassee for a couple more days until our first beach vacation of the summer. I'm super excited that we get to go to the beach with both Aaron's family and my family... and spoiled. Looking forward to that beautiful water and a cool sea breeze. And maybe a mojito or two.

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