Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One day until thesis.


This is Gef, my favorite producer. He was sleeping in this picture. It's a hard life for a producer. He is producing Aaron's movie. I asked him if I could be the executive producer, since I'm paying for what the film school doesn't cover, but he (and the school) said no. So instead I'm mentioned in the credit lines and Gef's PA (production assistant). I feel demoted.


Gef was the first filmie I met and my first friend in Tallahassee. He came over the first night I was in Tallahassee to help Aaron move the entertainment center up the stairs to our second floor apartment.


Gef is in charge of making sure nothing goes wrong on the set of Aaron's movie. He's not responsible for the footage itself, but for making sure the cast, crew, extras and volunteers are safe, following all of the rules and taken care of. He's in charge of all of the meals and craft on set. That means lunches and making sure they don't run out of Oreos or Cokes.

His name isn't really Gef. I think that's cool. And he takes care of Olive when we go out of town. He is a good friend and a good producer. 

The boys playing basketball on their lunch break. They asked if they could keep playing if they wrapped early. 

We are one day away from filming Aaron's thesis, WMD. I am mentally preparing. Aaron's been edgy. Tomorrow someone will pick up the actors and this whole show begins. I can't believe it's here. Say a prayer for us!


Danielle Hawes said...

I think you should be the EP. Just saying. :)

jennifer little said...

You are actually their venture capitalist!