Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

Many of our friends and family live far away and can't visit us in person. 
For the next few Tuesdays I'm going to take you on a tour of our apartment and show you the place we call home. I hope you enjoy! 
We'll start with the guest bedroom/office.

The guest bedroom was the first room to be put together in our apartment. It is both a bedroom and Aaron's office and a repository for all of Aaron's work, props and other miscellaneous film school stuff. It's also where all of Aaron's instruments and amps live. 
My favorite parts of this room are the posters and art above the bed. The top left is a rubbing of the epitaph of William Shakespeare's grave. My mom gave this to me years ago, and it's one of my most prized possessions, especially because you can't take a rubbing from his grave anymore. I think it's funny under the bed. Right underneath the epitaph is a poster I gave Aaron when we were dating from Film Streams at the Ruth Sokoloff Theatre in Omaha. This poster from their European 60s set makes me smile every time I see it; we watched many of them in class together during our undergrad days. The poster on the right is from Aaron's thesis film from undergrad, It is Well. That thesis is so different from the movie he's doing for his graduate thesis. I'm excited to add that poster to ever-growing our collection. 
This isn't all Aaron's mess. The bookcase on the left is mine; and it is packed to the brim. I need to straighten it up! Aaron's movies are alphabetized and cataloged. He is meticulous. I would like to organize the movies by color of case. I think it'd look cool. 

You can see in the last picture a few more frames I haven't found a place for. Under the bed are about 30-45 more movie posters. I could do a whole additional post about them--- maybe I could sell a few! 

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