Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The most amazing spinach breakfast smoothie

My office just started a fitness challenge, and I am super excited for it. We all set our goals, and we are competing for three different awards: most pounds lost, goal achievement, and percentage of body weight lost. More than anything this is great motivation to be really conscious about everything I eat and drink.

I saw this green smoothie recipe yesterday from the blog Mama at Home and thought the idea was interesting and a concept worth trying.

This morning I put about 10 strawberries (leave the green tops on them!), two handfuls of spinach, a banana and ice together in a blender. I also added little (maybe a tablespoon) of water and a bit of agave, and blended it up (in my version, I didn't use any milk, and I thought the consistency was still quite good). Voila! That's it. It was so delicious, and with three ingredients (four if you include the agave) and a couple of ice cubes, it was so simple to make.

I'm convinced this is the best breakfast smoothie ever. I couldn't even taste the spinach. Tomorrow I'm going to try it without the agave to see if the sweetness of the strawberries and banana is enough.

Bonus? The texture was super interesting. If you're picky about texture you might have to blend the mixture for a bit longer, but I enjoyed it. The only drawback was feeling like I might have little bits of spinach stuck in my teeth.

Also, the bright pink and green speckled drink was just pretty to look at. I plan on substituting strawberries with other fruit on a sort of rotation.

OK, maybe I'm getting carried away. You should try this out. If you do, let me know what you think!


andrea from raisin peanut said...

Oh my goodness! I am so stunned. First, let me say this is the first time at your blog. I found you thru Darby's blog. Second, I ACTUALLY LIKE your blog. Sorry. That's mean isn't it? But girl, YOU. ARE. FUNNY! And your writing is prime. I love it. :) I love you! (Ok, I don't know you, but I do like you, which, for me, is really an amazing thing. I'm so.... oh, I don't know.... hard to impress?) (PS. Not proud of that.)

Ok, so.... I was trying to find the post I wanted to comment on b/c I knew for sure I was going to comment.... when I saw this post. OH. My. Goodness.

I JUST started making green smoothies last saturday. No Sh*t. (Sorry) I made TWO posts about them on my blog. Please, check it out.

I will have to see about your recipe. But girl, we are on the same path (kind of sort of)... I've been looking for a church too btw. And you study the Bible? Just wondering.

Anyway, Love your writing. Am enjoying your blog. And I'll def check back. So nice to meet you. Oh, and thanks for the inspiration. I think I might do what you do: write a list of resolutions for the month. Cool. What a neat idea.

OK, take care. :)


PS. my blog is http://RaisingPeanut.blogspot.com (in case I goof up the identity thing below!)

Emily Nix said...

Andrea- thank you for the kind words! I'm going over to check out your blog now. Nice to meet you!