Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guess who's having the best day ever!

  1. I bought this shirt for my Runza-eating Nebraska boy. If you don't know what Runza is, look it up. But I'll summarize for you: nasty. But he saw this shirt, showed it to me, and I had to buy it for him. I think Runza and Taco John's sustained him for a good deal of undergrad.

  1. We went to Chipotle for lunch. Always delicious. Even more delicious when it's free! Awesome husband got an awesome coupon for a free lunch. Bada bing. Also, GOLD FOIL WRAPPERS ON BURRITOS. 
  2. Driving out of the parking lot we see a local celebrity. This won't mean anything to you unless your a Tallahassee local, but my husband is obsessed with Casanova Nurse, a weatherman on one of our local channels. Aaron is loooves him. It's bizarre. So anyway, we're exiting the parking lot, and you have to make a big loop in order to exit. I see that right behind us, going the opposite direction, is CASANOVA NURSE. I made the mistake about saying something to Aaron, and he made us stop at the exit and wait for the weatherman to pass us. Aaron didn't believe me, but from our facebook stalking and wiki-stalking I remembered that he went to Unviersity of South Florida. Well, his car had a USF license plate holder. And you know what kind of car he was driving? A DODGE STRATUS! Because only the most bomb-ass weathermen drive cars named after clouds. Sure enough, he drove past us and it was Cas! Aaron may have had a minor flip out. It made his day month. 

It's the simple things in life.
Also, we are so creepy awesome.


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I am the same way! Ryan hates it, because they are his co-workers! Oops! :)