Sunday, February 20, 2011

Status of things around the house: Finally hung frames for the gallery wall I've neglected for a year, but now I have to print out the pictures. Got a perfectly chippy-peely little table to use as our coffee table. Decided on fabric for the pillows. Bought a paintbrush to touch up the Alamo, since it didn't sell and it looks like we're stuck with it for the time being. Took a lot a lot of clothes, bedding, picture frames, kitchen gadgets to Goodwill from our pre-wedding days (yes, we've been married more than a year). I hope someone can love them like we did. Cats are fighting on the living room floor and it sounds dangerous. If Aaron was home he'd stick his hand in the middle of it and tell them to stop fighting and then be in a bad mood when he was scratched. Our vacuum cleaner sucks (well, actually, it doesn't, and that's the problem). I need to touch-up paint on the crown molding. There are pretty flowers all around the kitchen from an event at work on Friday, and they make me so happy. Sunflowers, roses, thistle and bright orange lilies. I love them all, even the lilies I'm allergic to. Aaron loves them, too, because they were free. I also got a fern to replace the dead one on our porch, which I let it freeze over Christmas vacation, but it lasted almost a year since my parents gave it to us on their first visit to Tallahassee.

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Melissa said...

So jealous of your fresh flowers. They totally cheer up a place, don't they? Its nice you go them via a work event too!