Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards 2011 recap

Well, it seems 50 percent of you guys had the right idea in choosing The King's Speech!

I absolutely love the Academy Awards, which is no surprise if you follow me on Twitter. Aaron was in the editing suite all day yesterday editing a movie, so instead of hanging out with some friends he wanted to relax at home, which is exactly what we did. He made spaghetti for supper and I made Bakerella's Oscar cookies. I don't have the Oscar statue cookie cutter (must get that before next year!), so I had to freehand cut the cookie dough, which is why the little gold men look a little funky. I iced the cookies with a yellow/red food coloring concoction and used gold sprinkles to add a little glitz. The cookies were giant—about 10" each—and I broke two of them before I could ice them. See that statue with the tiny head and crack through his middle on the left? Poor guy.

The guy on the middle is definitely the best. The guy on the right looks about as messed up as James Franco was last night. Yikes. I think Anne Hathaway got a bad rap, but what could she do? Her co-host kinda left her out to dry and the writing for the show didn't support a Hathaway-only-hosted show. I felt bad for her.

So, what'd you think of the show? I want to say I was especially proud of the Oscar winner for short film. God of Love won best picture of the Love Your Shorts film festival Aaron's movie Throwdown screened at on Feb. 13. The director, Luke Matheny, is a student at NYU's film school. Represent! I'd love to say I know a nominee for next year's short film!


Tia Peterson said...

Love the cookies! You did a great job freehand cutting them :)

I spend most of that night thinking 10 years into the future, when I'll be watching you and A on TV while I'm cheering from my couch and telling everyone I know that my best friend's husband just won an Oscar.

Emily Nix said...

Wouldn't that be freaking awesome?!