Saturday, January 8, 2011

A year or so of daily life: January 1-8, 2011

In August, I began the Photo 365 challenge - a photo a day for a full year. I've decided to call mine "A year or so of daily life: Chronicling our life in Tallahassee and the latter half of graduate school one day at a time." I hope you enjoy a sampling of our daily life!

Sun., Jan. 2, 2011:
Back to home base after our 3238.6 mile journey from Florida to Texas to Nebraska and back again. 
Mon., Jan. 3, 2011:
My favorite Christmas gift. Aaron Santa left this dish towel in my stocking. He obviously knows I love a little coffee with my cream!

Tues., Jan. 4, 2011:
My sweet niece Imogen's one month birthday. I took this picture over our Christmas vacation, but I had to use it for this day. 

Wed., Jan. 5, 2011:
Aaron's last night home before thesis cycle begins. We celebrated with Mexican coke and a movie.

Thurs., Jan. 6, 2011:
A little fun with Photoshop. You can read about the
plan for our living room here

Fri., Jan. 7, 2011:
The very inconspicuous package left on our doorstep. It made me laugh for hours.

Sat., Jan. 8, 2011:
My super cute sound-mixing husband on set of the first thesis show of the year. Today was the first time I've been on set this cycle. 

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