Monday, December 13, 2010

Splitting Holidays

Splitting holidays is not my favorite thing. Fortunately, I think this year we've managed to allocate an equal amount of time to both sides of the family. You'd think it'd be as easy as dividing an equal amount of days between the two, but with my husband, there's an algorithm that takes into consideration cumulative time spent versus cumulative holiday time spent together and assigns greater value to the holiday portion. Apparently currency of time spent with family in general has less value than time spent with family during holidays, thus, Thanksgiving 2010 rendered the Anderson side over allocated in holiday time spent, despite travelling that very next weekend to see the Nix side. My argument was that this second trip counted as holiday time because two birthdays (one of which was Aaron's) and a Husker game count as holidays to my husband. Don't worry, we didn't fight that much about it.

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Love Lorena said...

Where splitting holidays becomes beautiful.