Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat., Nov. 6, 2010 - you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain

I have a huge huge huge headache tonight, thanks in part to some loud screaming during the Huskers vs. Iowa State Cyclones football game this afternoon (Aaron screaming, not mine). Thankfully the Huskers won; one step closer to the Big 12 Championship in December.

It's nice to be home for a change over the weekend. October was a crazy traveling month for me, and the last week itself was just "blah." Anybody else feel that way?

I'm so thankful for this extra hour to sleep in. Remember to fall back and check the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Aaron and I got in to a discussion about the merits of owning CDs and DVDs. I am not a fan of purchasing movies to own because the return on investment for me is a loss, and as we were making Christmas lists I noticed his was 2/3 movies and music. I feel differently about music because I wear out the albums I purchase. I'm not much of a movie watcher, though, outside of theatres.

Speaking of music, do you prefer hard copies (like CDs) to digitally stored albums, like on an iPod? I do. I love to physically look through my album collection, and on my iPod I don't really scroll through all of the albums to see them. I won't ever get over owning an album as opposed to purchasing a digital copy. Which is why I need one of these:

I think I used to have one, but I'm not sure where it is. Same story with jewelry, clothes, and almost anything else I own. I am very much an "out of sight, out of mind" person.  I need to develop a sort of binder of things I own so I can put together outfits more easily and know what I need to shop for.

What else in life?

Aaron and I got into a big fight earlier this week when we were talking about life after film school. Of course, because it's up in the air, and it's impossible to plan for, it was an easy thing to cause tension. It's sort of resolved and sort of not resolved, you know? Basically, because I know you're going to read this, A, what I said wasn't what you thought I was saying, and I'm sorry for not being clear. And this:


And the rest of you, have a lovely weekend, OK? 

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Tia Peterson said...

You like when I comment on your blog. I like that you use the phrase return on investment, because I used it yesterday and wished somebody around me understood how well it fit the conversation. And we both like Davy.

Let's be friends Q:}