Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday brain dump

·        If you’ve been reading the blog, you know we are officially mama and papa of a new pumpkin kitty. We brought him home yesterday afternoon. We were happy to find out that he was neutered Monday, so we did not have to transport him to the vet and wait 48 hours to pick him up; he was able to come straight home! We do not have a name yet, but several friends suggested names – Smuckers, Skittles, Leonidas, Herbie, Chatham, Sandwich, Morpheus, Pumpkin, Arthur, Jack, Popeye and Boris – and we love hearing what people suggest! My current fave is Toby. I like both Jack and Pumpkin, but I once had a kitten named Jack (sad story – he died when he was really young after being eaten by a coyote) and my best friend has a cat named Pumpkin, so if you have any more fall-like names suitable for an orange male kitten, let me know.

·         The Olive/pumpkin kitty introduction didn’t go well. Lots of hissy-fits and circling. I anticipate things to improve, hopefully sooner rather than later.

·         It was 68 degrees when I walked out to my car this morning! Holy fall heaven, Batman! I am praying the weather remains fantastic and this will be our introduction to autumn. I can’t stand the hot/humid any longer.

·         When is a good time to put up fall decorations? Is it too early to do them now? I think I’m going to decorate soon. I found several fun harvest/Halloween things at Pier 1 and World Market, and I’m sure TJMaxx and Marshalls may have fun stuff as well. I’ve never had my own space to decorate, so I have nothing for fall… I’m hoping my momma can make a trip to Tally and she can help me with our apartment – I LOVE how my mom makes her house look for each season, and that it’s never “too much.”

·         Speaking of homes and decorating, Aaron sold our loveseat for $10 less than we advertised it. Cha-Ching! Our living area looks much larger now, though we’re still not sure how to arrange the furniture to make sense. Right now it’s sitting parallel to the TV – kind of in the middle of the room – and it feels goofy to me, but we didn’t mess around with it too much last night because we were playing with the cats. We still have to sell the big entertainment center, hopefully soon, and we need to paint. Gosh, I think I’ve said too many times already.

·         I’ve been reading a book called “The Birth Order Book” by Kevin Leman, and I really, really enjoy it. I’ll probably do a full post devoted to it once I am finished. So far, I’ve decided I’m a compliant first-born and that Aaron, while the baby of the family, is the role-reversed older son and functional first-born. What do you think about birth order?

·         Thesis is already stressing Aaron out… It’s going to be a long road to August.

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Mr. & Mrs. said...

Our kitty introductions didn't go very well with Amélie and Isabelle at first. Important lessons we learned from our experience:

1. Don't scold them if they hiss! Hissing is totally natural and is more an indication that they feel uncomfortable than that they are going to attack.

2. Let them sniff at each other under a door and keep the new kitty in a small environment at first. He'll feel less overwhelmed and once they get used to each other's smells, they'll be happier.

3. If there is a bed/blanket/etc. covered in each kitty's smell, swap them and put them near a food dish or something. That will help with the whole "getting used to new smells" thing.

Good luck! And my vote is "Pumpkin."