Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scenes from a marriage:
A: I'm glad I married you and no one else. But you probably can't say that about me.
E: I'm glad I married you. I can't imagine being married to anyone else.

This coming from the same guy who watched this commercial and, the entire time, squawked "all the polar bear wants is a hug!"

But I digress.

Sept. 5, 2010 - Orlando, Fla.

So, what have you all been up to lately? Honestly, I feel like I've been playing catch up all week. The long weekend was an absolute godsend, but it passed way too quickly. Aaron and I went to visit his brother and sister-in-law in Orlando, where they are currently on vacation.

It's been so nice having Aaron at home in the evenings and on weekends. This semester is nothing like the previous fall, winter and summer semesters, when his schedule was essentially 24/7. Lately, Aaron has been at home preparing for pre-production, which means he can help prepare dinner. It's awesome to walk into our home and find out he is already preparing dinner for the evening. I am blessed by this period in our lives of him being home so frequently.

Along with this newfound sense of marriedness, however, comes the learning curve. We got married in late December, and by January 3 Aaron was on Thesis production schedule for the now-graduated MFA second years. He continued this schedule for five or so months, with an occasional day off, often on a Wednesday, when we weren't able to spend the day together. Then, beginning mid-May until the beginning of August, Aaron began production cycle for his class' own D2 (directing 2) films, keeping that same intense (understatement of the year) cycle.

In August, we celebrated the end of production cycle with D2 and thesis screenings, a wedding and a short trip to Nebraska for our friends' wedding and to Aaron's hometown. Once we returned from the latter trip, we settled in to a routine. This was the first time in eight months that we spent "quantity time" together, and so it has been only recently that I've really felt married. For instance, it has taken me about nine months to realize that Aaron doesn't close the shower curtain when he is done showering - a pet peeve of mine. We've had to adjust to the quirks we just didn't know about each other after nine months of marriage. I laugh because I often tell people we've been married nine months going on three weeks. I don't mind the curve, though. Recently, I looked down at my phone to make a call to Aaron and pressed the speed dial for "home," not immediately recognizing that the "home" number my phone is still programmed to is my parents' home phone. At that moment, I felt married, not because my "home" had physically changed, but because, after what has been at times a really tough period in our lives, I had subconsciously changed my "home" to be Aaron.

Aside from my broken computer, I have fallen off the blog train because I want to cherish the time we have before thesis really gets going and I am a film school widow again. I'm sure it will fly by...

P.S. - I've finally configured the Flickr widget for the blog. Long story short, I forgot the username to my old Flickr account and can't access it any longer, so I made a new account. If you're following along in a reader, click to the site and you'll notice that in the sidebar there is a box to my new, improved Flickr account. I plan on updating it frequently, so check back often. The link to my new account is

You'll also notice that the blog template-of-old has been replaced, temporarily, until the one in progress is finished. I know it wasn't necessary, but I just couldn't stand the messed-up sizing of my old template, even though it was what I was used to, and, if I could have fixed the sizing, preferred to stay with. Please bear with me until it's all done!

Thank you guys, as always, for reading.

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rob and tiff said...

so glad you guys are enjoying this time, hope it doesn't go by too quickly :)

yes, we did grow up as a non-closing shower curtain family. it never occurred to me to shut it until i married. (he now leaves it open!)