Monday, August 23, 2010

Are you there, Blog? It's me, Emily REDUX

[Scroll down two posts and you'll see what happens when I don't have my computer. This is that post minus the crazy.]

The most wonderful laptop in the world is dying a slow death. The hard drive whirs into oblivion each time I power on the computer and Aaron tells me it’s only a matter of time. The bad news is that the no-posting trend of the last three weeks will continue until I get a new hard drive. The good news is Aaron can find one for around $30, which means I’ll be back to working order on my computer by next paycheck Friday. Budgets, you know…

In the mean time, I’m working on my domain. If you go to, you’ll see what I starting building in 2009, once Aaron and I were engaged and I knew I would eventually have “Nix” somewhere in my name. I haven’t enabled any features, so it’s very basic; much of it is straight from the theme with a header picture I took when I lived on the Cape last summer. I feel the length of the website may be too cumbersome, so I am considering purchasing and using that instead as a sort of hub for pictures, work, writing, contact and, of course, for the blog. What do you think - is better than I would really like to know which you prefer.

I should say that all of this blog and website nonsense is self taught, and after a day at work it is not often fun to come home and stare at a computer as I try and teach myself more codes, at least right now, as I’m not very good at it. In the future I’d like to improve, but right now I am focused on keeping our home front as relaxing and appealing for my filmmaker as possible. I know that once he has worked through graduate school and accomplished this goal, it will be my time to reach toward mine. In the last few weeks since I’ve posted, Aaron has been home all the time incubating ideas for his thesis.

We are collaborating on a story proposal, and I’m eager to see how it is received after he pitches it. It’s an exciting time at our home, and I’m relishing the time Aaron can spend here and that there has been so much of it. I want to be present and engaged in everything we do, and as I explained to my best friend, that why I haven’t logged anything here lately. She reminded me that it’s OK to live in the real world, and that doing so will help my blogging once things get lonely again. I hope you’re enjoying a restful weekend with those you love. Thanks for reading, friends.


L.D. Alford said...

I like It is short and sounds nice. The longer one is great too, but too long. That makes it prone to error when someone put it in. Keep both and feed into or vise versa. I do that for many of my sites. What are you using to build you sites?

Emily said...

I like, too. I host through namecheap and started building my old site through Wordpress themes. Thank you for the idea on feeding one site into the other. I will definitely do that!