Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sometimes film school drags me down.

Ah! Super, super, super frustrating day today re: husband's graduate school. I dwindled into a puddle of despair for a couple hours this afternoon, but I'm back. I'm sort of clinging to the hope that clouds will open and sun will beam down on Tallahassee and the film gods will smile upon us and Aaron will get this assistantship he applied for. I need a sign that all of this is going to be worth it ultimately really soon.

On the non-life sucking end of things, Liv has turned into a psychopath at about 6:23 every morning. She will crawl under the duvet to our feet and nibble on our toes with her razor teeth. She alternates who she bites, so yesterday, right before my alarm went off, a groggy Aaron said "Livy, stop it!" and kicked me in the shins. This morning I slammed both legs down on the mattress really hard and yelled "LIVY, KNOCK IT!" It's become a routine for me to yell "knock it!" and omit the "off." I think I got this from my mom, who, when mad, is a force. Her eyes will get really big, her mouth will tighten into a horizontal line, and she'll stare and you and in an unnervingly calm voice say "Knock it." She doesn't even need to say the last word... we get it.

Blah blah I broke the remote control this weekend. The new one is purchased, but AC hasn't opened it or configured it yet, and I can't see over the TV to use the buttons to manually turn it on or change the channel, so I am really angry when it's time for Jeopardy because I can't watch. First world problems.

Liv is sleeping on her baby blanket, Aaron had to go back to school to re-record something for a professor's tribute, and I can't turn on the TV. I've resorted to watching season 2 of "16 and Pregnant" and it's like crack cocaine. I can't stop watching. Today's episode featured a baby daddy who turned 16 a month before the baby was born. WHAT?!?!?! Probably doesn't help that people like me keep tuning in to find out. But those babies are so cute at the end of the episode I can't help but watch.

Aaron said he was going to take me on a vacation somewhere. Yes, please. But realistically, I don't think Aaron would ever plan something from the ground up. We are complete opposites in this regard. He doesn't care about gifts of this sort (I should say he doesn't see this as a gift); I absolutely love them and would venture to say gifts are one of the stronger ways someone could communicate with me. He totally doesn't buy it, and it's definitely deflating to be the person who likes "things," from flowers, to notes on the fridge, to when he writes in this blog. It is tangible and I appreciate it, no matter what "it" is. Often it's easy to feel like I'm materialistic, and sometimes it's deflating because this love language thing is one aspect of me that he thinks is very superficial. I sort of agree, but at the same time I don't know if I could change my love language or if it's necessarily something I should feel guilty for. I would be speechless if he could do it all, though. You can take a brief quiz here- click on "Love Languages Personal Profiles" to do it. Do you believe in "love languages?" If you're familiar with them, what is yours? Leave a comment and we'll see who is what :)

Blah blah have a good night.


lngarcia said...

gifts is mine, too.
i think it's funny, bc we forget to give each other gifts sometimes.
*sigh* oh well.
you're special to me (affirmation is my second highest).

Tia Peterson said...

Words of affirmation. Always. As if you didn't know :)

lvillegas said...

2 Words of Affirmation
8 Quality Time
4 Receiving Gifts
8 Acts of Service
8 Physical Touch

This is probably why I'm so dang needy in a relationship. I need a lot of quality time, acts of service, AND physical touch. But I've taken a similar test before and gotten slightly different results...

Long comment, but Kyle's #1 is words of affirmtion and I scored a 2... his next was physical touch so at least that one works out.

rob and tiff said...

rob and i both truly believe that we are all and need all of the love languages. i had a hard time reading this book because of it.