Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hoop it up

Sometimes you just gotta shoot some hoops.

So last summer was a summer where I would go in our backyard and shoot hoops probably somewhere close to 8 times a day.  I loved it.  In fact Santa got me a basketball last year because he knew I loved playing so much.

Anyway, so 2 days ago I decided I was going to go shoot some hoops.  After 2 hours of searching for an available hoop around town I finally found one in Tom Brown Park.  I shot hoops while all the maintenance people next to the court were working and thinking I was a weirdo.  I didn't care.  It feels so good to just shoot hoops, kind of how I love to just hit the tennis ball around and get good rallies rather than actually playing.  It's something about the joy of doing these sports minus the competition part of it that's relaxing to me.  Like hitting range balls on the golf course.

So I mentioned to Emily that I'll be drafted by next year for the NBA.  She got excited about having money but showed some doubt.  I assured her I would go in the first round.  I also mentioned how I thought it was weird that no players get drafted that never go to college even though they are amazing players.  It's like The Rookie movie.  Someday they're going to find this 40 year old man who can shoot 3 pointers all day long and can't miss.  You're telling me  you wouldn't draft him?  I would.  So that's my plan.  I'll be that guy.  Sure I'm 6'1", but I'll throw up the rainbow shots my Granny used to do.

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