Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What would you pay to eat at a non-profit restaurant?

A Missouri Panera cafe is asking customers to "take what you need, leave your fair share." This is a really interesting proposal; I am eager to see if the restaurant stays afloat after its trial period.Here is the link. What do you think about this proposal? If you went into Panera, how much would you pay, and why?

*updated to add*
My friend Nick sent me this link to a similar thing that's going on in my college town. Check it out if you're in Lincoln!


jennifer little said...

...not much more than I already pay. They are expensive enough for three!

Emily said...

Agreed! I thought it was especially interesting that it was Panera, of all places, that was doing this. Honestly, I would probably pay less than cost, because I don't think their food is that great. From the owner/manager's perspective it would be interesting to see what people THINK Panera's food is worth + if the quality somehow changed after they did this experiment.

Emily said...

Hah, and now I feel guilty for saying I wouldn't pay full price. Maybe that's the strategy :)