Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cat lady

At our rehearsal dinner, Aaron's family presented me with gifts that had sentimental value to them as a way of introducing me to some things I may not know about him. One of those gifts was a patriotic dog sweater in honor of a short Aaron made called "Patriot Man." Aaron's family grew up with small dogs, and it's his hope that one day we'll get one, too. In the mean time, we've been putting these silly dog sweaters on our cat because it is SO RIDICULOUS to see animals in clothes. Today I found a red, black and white dog sweater on sale, and I had to buy it. Livy has only her Fourth of July outfit and her Easter outfit, so I thought I'd stockpile more goofy things for her to wear. We're set for Husker game day! I can't believe I've taken and ENJOYED these pictures. It was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but putting ridiculous clothing on her has evolved into something I can't keep myself from doing. I love it.

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