Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday

WHEW! What a busy day it has been.

Today I learned all about canals in South Florida. And the alligators that swim in the canals that eat the runners that stop to tie their shoes along side the canals. I also learned that these same alligators (OK, maybe not the same ones, but alligators none-the-less) live right here in town! First I find out that Aaron's school as a legit circus, and now I find out there are alligators living in the middle of the city... what's next?! Florida, you have to be kidding me.

I went out to set tonight in a town called Monticello and saw Aaron for a bit after work. He was a body double for an actor, which was really fun to watch. I drove back to town with the windows down and music blasting. It was such a beautiful evening and drive. Monticello has some gorgeous old, historic homes and the courthouse in the town square is picturesque.

Wandering down canopy roads, finding old plantations and horse farms, smelling the sweet burn of pit barbecue sold on the side of the road... all of these things I'm so thankful for. My passion is these experiences, and I'm blessed with the opportunity to explore and discover them.

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