Sunday, May 30, 2010

pants on fire

The other night I was blogging about something when Aaron said "you're such a liar to your blog." At first I laughed, because I thought it was funny he was referring to my blog as the audience. I asked him what he meant, and he said "you always say that you're going to do this or go there but you don't always do it. So you're a liar." I laughed, but then I started thinking about how my blog does sometimes become my working to-do list. For instance, tonight via twitter I said I was going to go to a movie and then grab ice cream. Incidentally, I did have those plans. They happened to change when Aaron got called back to pre-production and left 30 minutes earlier than I expected him to. When he got home, we decided to instead get supper; he didn't have time to go to a movie since he was making trip #3 to the set for pre-production. So while my intentions were clear, they were incorrect and ultimately did not happen. I asked Aaron if he thought I should follow-up my "to-do" posts with whether I actually accomplished or experienced the things I said I wanted to do, and he said that would be a good idea. The benefit, I think, will be that I have more motivation to do the things I want to do, and also so I can be more transparent with you, the readers. Is this completely silly? Maybe, but it does make me feel better – for some reason I never considered this blog as a way to look back as much as a way to look forward. I will be doing a better job of both from now on. I promise! :)


Prtitim said...

It is seem to be that you are more attracted towards readers. You follow them as your family members.

Emily said...

Yes, I do love my readers! Many of them are my family! :)