Monday, May 31, 2010

  • I tied a long ribbon to Livy's mouse today so I could run around the house and she could follow me. It's become her favorite toy to carry around and it's so funny to watch.
  • I love being able to spend time talking with sweet friends about silly shows (Bachelorette and True Beauty) and I am excited to see a ton of my friends in about three weeks!
  • It's been raining here all weekend. No tan for me today!
  • My husband is the director of photography this week, and he's working so hard. I love him and admire his work ethic.
  • I went to Tommy Bahama's with my in-laws this weekend and ordered crab bisque and a Caesar salad. The bisque was incredible... the salad was HILARIOUS. I wish I had snapped a pic – and I also grabbed a few matchbooks. TB has excellent matchbooks!
  • I am so excited to go back home this week!
  • I got the most awesome birthday present from Aaron's sibs! I can't wait to post pictures!
  • For some reason I feel like I got a lot accomplished this weekend, even though I know I really didn't. Maybe it's because I'm reading a lot more, and that always makes me feel valuable.
  • Don Juan, Taqueria El Lugar, Posado's cafe... yea for my T-town Mexican food! Jillian, you better get ready to go to all of these places :)
  • It's my birthday month!!! possible blog name--- born on the first day of summer? kind of a literal and figurative thing :)

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ash said...

i enjoy it tooo! aaand can't wait to see you in < 3 weeks!