Thursday, May 20, 2010

may 20, 2010

Today was good. I wanted some strawberry ice cream, but the Kangaroo had only Cherry Garcia, so AC brought me that. He originally went because he wanted a Mountain Dew slushie, but when he got there and the machine was broken he was so distraught that he left without my ice cream. I was sad and did a lot of work so he went back to Kangaroo and got me my ice cream.
...that was so nice of him. I love ice cream.
PS: It is no fun for anybody when at 10:30 p.m. somebody calls your husband and tells them they need a second location to shoot at with 24 hours notice and must order a two-hour company move in the middle of the shoot. No fun for the husband, no fun for the wife and most likely no fun for the person who made the phone call. Producing, you can't end soon enough. My husband needs a rest.
PSS: Happy five months of marriage to you, ole Rog.

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