Friday, May 14, 2010


I married the founder of UNL's Lumberjack Club. When he was a junior, AC decided to start a club whose sole purpose was to celebrate away games by eating pancakes and wearing flannel.

It became something of a legend. We started dating, in large part, because we got to know each other pretty well at the Lumberjack Club pancake meetings. We liked each other so much we decided to go on a first date, then a second... The first Halloween that we were dating we decided that we would carve a pumpkin together- here it is!

This is the stump Aaron and Levi had in their apartment for two years of undergrad. Along with the axe. My mom was kind of worried about it when I introduced her to Aaron and she saw it hanging on his wall.

Cutting down the boys' Christmas tree for the balcony. It was ultimately confiscated for being a fire hazard.

Lumberjack Club attire. Note Levi in the background :)

This was AC's Groom's cake. A tree stump in honor of his days as the founder of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Lumberjack club. The baker was THRILLED to have this abnormal (ahem, weird) cake to design, and our guests thought it was hilarious.

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