Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello. This is Aaron, or most recently known as Christopher. I guess I have to answer these questions from Marie.

who talks more, me or you? why is that? I do. Why? You always tell me I like to hear myself. But when I'm around you I like to interact with you. But around other people you definitely talk more. It's a comfort thing with me. The better you know me, the more I'll talk.

how do you feel about gwen stefani? specifically, me singing gwen stefani?
Gwen? I guess old school No Doubt is ok. But you singing "That's my shhh" is my favorite.

of the two of us, who would more likely be president + why?
You ask these questions on purpose!!!! I would be President because I always have suggestions about random, most of the time useless, things around me. I usually start my sentences "If I was President..." And it's usually an issue a President wouldn't have power over. My phrase should really be "If I were King..."

who is the better pet owner? explain.
I know you love Livey, but I would have to say I'm the better owner simply because I feed her every day and clean her litter box every day. But those reasons aside, you're a great owner.

where would you ideally like to live and why?
Ideally? My dream is always to move back to Nebraska for many reasons. But anywhere that's not hot. Maybe Toronto, or Denver, I don't know.

what's one thing I do that drives you crazy?
You sometimes forget to turn off the PS3.

what do you think of me blogging?
I'm still hesitant to even acknowledge the blog world. But I know you love it so I'm ok with it in doses.

will you buy me a puppy?
Will you buy me one?

what is your most prized possession?
Prized? Is Olive a possession? If this is a "what would you save if your house burnt down" kind of question I would say my computer just because it contains so much data of mine that I would really be hurting if I lost it.

what is your most prized character trait a) in yourself b) in others?
First of all, I hate these kinds of surveys because I hate talking about myself. But since I HAVE to do this one, a) Intuition. B)humbleness.

why did you choose to be a filmie?
Because it's the only thing I dream of doing.

would you prefer if I worked or had a more flexible schedule when we have the little bobs?
Had a flexible schedule.

what are your top three favorite films?
I could easily say THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION!, but I answer with my heart at the time. Right now I'll say 1: Road to Perdition 2: The Matrix 3: The Fountain

would you do OK if we had to live in los angeles?
I would do OK. I wouldn't love it.

how many kids do you want to have?
2 or a lot. But only 2, or a lot.

how do you feel about religion?
I hate religion. Religion is nothing but man made nonsense. I love God, Jesus. I love spiritual elements of faith. And I can see the beauty of someone's beliefs even if they are different from mine. Because no matter what traditon, or religion, or denomination, it's always a matter of the heart.

what are your political beliefs?
Politics really bother me. It's always Left or Right in a lot of people's minds and I really don't think issues should always be divided into two opinions. It's a horrible system. Politics to me is looking at a single issue and what I believe about it, or taking an idividual, no matter what the party affiliation, and if I can stand behind him or her, then I am a supporter. That's not to say I'm a Republican or a Democrat. It really depends on the person I'm willing to support. I feel it's a much more human way to look at a person.

if you weren't in film, what do you think you would study?
Music Engineering, or Middle Linebacker

did you ever wet the bed?
Maybe. I'm sure I did at least once.

your favorite childhood memory is
??????????? Family trips. Being on the road and going places I've never been to before.

if i wanted to name our dog davey, would you let me?
Just Skomie.

what's something you want to tell me right now?
Quit Bungin'

why do you listen to your angry music so damn loud?
First of all, I don't see it being angry. That's your POV. Secondly, that's how that style of music is meant to be heard. When have you ever gone to a concert and you hear the artist say "Hey can you just turn everyone down. Yeah, quieter. I just want to blend in with the crowd noise."

do you think of the second bedroom as your own space?
Sometimes, simply because I like to work or be on the computer away from the TV. And that's the bathroom I use, and I'm the one who cleans the litter box. So yeah.

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