Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My two favorite women in the entire world- my mama and my baby sister, Jillian
Our quiet time before the wedding ceremony. This is one of my favorite pictures of the entire wedding. I love my daddy!
Of course, a flower shot! This should come as no surprise to you, though.

I've become really lame-- the type of person who will gladly get 1.5 hours more sleep than go to a bar. At least tonight. :) I hope you enjoyed a few more wedding pics. Have a great night!


Mrs. Parker said...

Your wedding was so beautiful. We were even talking about it last night because Coach Blair is living with us for a while. It wa sa great time had by all, and everyone in your family is such a joy. :)

Emily said...

well, at least one Joy for sure :) Congrats again on little P!