Wednesday, February 3, 2010

exhaustion part ii

You guys, I am completely exhausted. For the fourth night this week, I've scrubbed our kitchen down in hopes of not waking up tomorrow morning and finding these nasty bugs. There are no open containers, no food, no water anywhere. But, undoubtedly, these little @$$es will return.*

I have been a serious pain about this apartment, but I feel close to my breaking point. I know this kills Aaron because we only have a week and days left here, but I really feel like I can't do it anymore. I try so hard to make this place nice + clean + happy for us and I feel like I fall down flat on my face every time.

And if I have to kill one more #U@&ing roach, I might resort to hardcore cursing on this blog, something I try not to do.

Please pray for me. It sounds silly, but I really need your prayers. I am losing my mind being here, and I don't know what can help.

Sigh. Sorry for the rant. I really appreciate the fact that you guys read this ridiculous stuff day after day. I love you all.

*please note that the only time I will use bad words is in reference to bugs that piss me off, including roaches, which really are @$$es.


A. May said...

I feel for you. I have an utter hatred for certain insects, including cockroaches, box elder bugs, and mosquitoes. Ugh! **shudder** The cussing would be totally understandable. Hang in there!

tylerartz said...

I just logged in to say that you sound exactly like my lovely wife(she swears almost every time she sees a bug in the house and gets EXTREMELY annoyed with them). And low and behold she already commented.