Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrabble tile magnets

When I moved into The Bachelor pad, I went crazy every time we got a fun piece of mail or letter because I would go to put it on the fridge of fame and we had no magnets! I decided to put an end to this catastrophe last Sunday and went on a craft excursion.

Since Hobby Lobby isn't open on Sundays, I went to Michael's and bought a pack of 50 circle magnets and a pack of strip magnets. I knew there wouldn't be enough circle magnets for all of my Scrabble tiles, but the cost of the circle magnets (about $5) wasn't worth buying another set of 50.

I also picked up a glue gun and hot glue sticks, since I had neither.

It was such an easy and fun project. I'm a Scrabble nut, and I got a new Scrabble board for Christmas, so I felt OK about using the tiles from the old game as magnets. I simply glued a magnet to the back of each tile and voila! about 70 magnets. It's so fun to write messages back and forth since we hardly see eachother. My sweet husbo's "I LOVE EMILY" looks great paired with the "BUNG HOLIO," don't you think? And did you notice the "SU" in the middle-left of the page? That was supposed to be "SUH," but I think I stole the H for "HOLIO." Jillian's drill team picture used to say "SBDT" in the corners, but A. changed it. Promise.


jamanda said...

For some reason I don't see a Save the Date? . . . Do I need to talk to Aaron about hiding mail? lol.

They look adorable! Look at you Mrs. Craft Queen

Emily said...

Hah! The craft queen in my dreams :) I KNEW you would ask about the save the date...and...I KNOW I've seen it since I moved in, but that was before Aaron started consolidating piles. I promise when we move it will be the center of attention :)

Wes said...

L-A-M-E on the SBDT pic? priceless.