Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Time

So production for the 4th thesis this semester, "Intercambios", finished on Tuesday. I'm glad I never have to 2nd AD again other than for the D2 cycle.

But since that's done I had part of yesterday and today as free time. I'm not used to this. Tomorrow the entire first year MFA class will travel to Sarasota to have a 4 day workshop with graduate actors there. Everyone says this is the best weekend in film school. I hope they are right. I don't want to leave my wife to a trip that's not worth it.

So with this short amount of free time I really want to take advantage of it. Here's my top 3 things to do.

1. Generate character/story ideas for the D2 film I have to do this summer.
2. Make Chicken and Dumplings for Emily tonight.
3. Beat Assassin's Creed II (I finished it last night.)

I'm trying to think of ideas for my film and all I get are images in my head. A lot of the images
are similar to The 25th Hour. I haven't seen that forever, but it's one of my favorites and my favorite of Spike Lee's.

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