Sunday, January 10, 2010

married- week three

highlights of being married OR things I'm thankful for-
  • spending the nights together
  • spending the mornings together
  • moving in to gumby, even though it's kind of a pit, it's OURS, and it's a blessing to have a roof over our heads
  • buying throwback mountain dew because i know it will make him smile
  • being kind of domestic- using my fab mixer to make cookies and reese's bars
  • remembering the wedding and reception AND getting our professional pictures back.
  • our giant pile of laundry "in process" (three or four days it's been sitting there---only 1 load to go!)
  • not having to take out the trash
  • being thankful aaron always "locks me in" when he goes to class in the morning
  • getting to visit him and eat lunch with him on set
  • being in three timezones in three weeks
  • reading our one year every night (except for when I fall asleep)
  • grocery shopping together
  • comfy blankets and a comfy hubs to snuggle with

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