Sunday, January 24, 2010

I used to love Brett Favre.

Lady at the cash register, don't call me "sweety." I know I look like I'm 16 (thanks Starbucks barista who told me that) but I might not be. OK? OK. And for that matter, anybody who uses a term of endearment (honey, sweetie, doll, hun, dear, blah blah blah) that 1. I'm not married to 2. Didn't birth/raise me 3. Isn't over the age of 60 shouldn't use them either. It irks me to no end.
[So obviously there are a few things bothering me that I'm not posting, so instead I'll pick out a generic thing I dislike and write about it to vent frustration. OK? OK.]

Now to the good stuff. There's lots more good stuff than irritating stuff in my life. Including my new friend, baby Joseph. This weekend I got to spend a lot of quality time with Joseph, who was cast as an extra on the set that Aaron's on this week. Baby Joseph, who is nine months, was stinkin' adorable (and sometimes just plain stinkin') and it was fun to get to spend some time with him.

I adore babies. I do not, however, adore Aaron telling people (including my mom) that we are having babies. AHH! We're not. But I really do love them. Everything about them.

This picture kind of melts my heart. And I don't even KNOW the baby in this picture. We need to get friends with little ones so I can get my baby fill. Because we can't have them any time soon. No babies, no cats, no dogs, no fun. [Thanks to my mother and mother-in-law for that constant reinforcement... not that I'm bitter. At least not about the baby part. The pets part? Maybe. :)]

Sigh. One last thing. I love my husband. I love talking about him. I love reminding myself about how great he is. I'm sorry if that's annoying. But I'm not going to stop. If you are irritated about it and you follow this blog, my twitter, or are my facebook friend, stop! It won't hurt my feelings if you do. Seriously. It's the internet, and you can choose to not look. BUT BUT BUT if I bother you by doing these things in real life and you are my real-life friend, then I DO care. So let me know. Preferably, not by posting it as a comment on this blog. Or any other form of social media...

Because interwebz do not equal non-interwebz communication and I don't want what I say in non-web life to bother you. Kthxbai.