Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apples to Apples

The first time Aaron and I bought groceries, he said we needed apples.
We bought 4. I didn't want them to go bad in case we didn't eat them as quickly as we planned.
We also bought 4 bananas.
Stupidly, I didn't clean out the fridge before we bought groceries.
So we get home
and I clean out the fridge
and we have 3 bags of apples.
With 10-12 apples per bag.
+ the four Aaron insisted on buying.
So now I have 40 apples

What do I do with 40 apples? Suggestions?


Elizabeth said...

-Apple pie
-Apple slices in salads
-Apple cobbler
-Apple butter
-Apple slices in peanut butter
-Apple muffins
-Apple juice

Bo said...