Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1

I don't have any specific thing to talk about today, and I'm apathetic regarding TSLHT for this week. We're currently watching Christmas Vacation... I love this movie. There's a "5 Days of Christmas Vacation" marathon on AMC and I will probably watch each night. I can't wait to finish classes, pack up all of my belongings and go home for a wonderful few weeks.

We're in the teens in the countdown as of today. Wow! I am excited. Honestly, it was strange seeing Aaron for the first time in three months over Thanksgiving. This is the second or third time we've gone more than 2 months without seeing eachother, and it's always strange to meet someone at the other end of the airport terminal. Of course I'm used to his voice, but seeing him there is completely different.

He's really tall.
He's got a super ridiculous beard right now. (No-Shave November PLUS waiting until D-1 Screenings... can't wait for my sweet, stubbly fiance's face to be seen)
He knows I can't ever look at him in the eyes for the first hour or so after we see eachother. Weird?

Anyway, it was a great Thanksgiving break at home with my wonderful family and fiance except for a cold/bronchitis episode that began the day before Thanksgiving and seems to be winding down now. My poor family had to deal with me on DayQuil, NyQuil, mid-afternoonQuil, and they were all so nice to let me fall asleep on the big couch. I am so grumpy when I don't feel well and am awakened by someone/something else. Poor Aaron and Mom had to deal with this on several occasions, and I think I even pushed Aaron when he was trying to give me a hug goodnight. Good thing he knows it was the sleep/sickness and not how I truly feel :)

I miss my home at Christmastime. I miss the way my mom expertly decorates each room. I miss the smell of our Christmas tree, the lights my dad puts up, the nativity I got from Mexico when I was little. I can't wait to be at a real home and go to my church there and fully invest in Advent. It's my favorite time of year. Just 11 days to go.

I am on a berry kick. Tonight I had Kashi strawberry/raspberry cereal (can't remember the real name) and strawberry oatmeal and blueberry white tea.

I think something that would help me through the next week and a half would be playing Christmas music more often. I listen to it in my car, but not really at home. I'll make that my goal for the rest of the week. What Christmas song do you hate to hear?

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Tia Peterson said...

Christmas Shoes. Cannot handle it.