Monday, November 30, 2009

one week later.

whew, what a great week (the last one). the next one? to be determined. here's the thing, i have a killer next two and a half weeks and then a wedding. i have finals, papers, drives, home for a couple days, drives back for one more final (I AM SO PISSED), drive back to texas, couple days of downtime, then wedding-ness, marriedness, lifeness...

...holy mocha things are changing quickly. no time to breathe.

had a most wonderful time over thanksgiving with my wonderful mother, father, sister and fiance. fell victim to an awful sickness, though. made it OK. don't have a voice back completely, but my throat's not sore anymore. hope it doesn't return with a vengeance (or at all).

gosh i just really love my family. they are pretty really awesome, and exceptional, and i miss them and i'll always miss them until we're close enough that i don't have to drive twelve hours to see them. AND THAT BETTER HAPPEN BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE IT TO.

yeah, OK.


Bo said...

How is the job search going in Florida?

Emily said...

I had an interview last week, and I haven't heard back yet. Keep me in your prayers... it was an awesome interview, and I really hope I get it. Thanks, Bo!