Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last night Tia and I went to Omaha to do some shopping and enjoy dinner with Aaron's parents. The shopping was a bust, but dinner was excellent- the biggest steak I've ever eaten (or eaten at least part of). I took a picture with my hand next to it to send to Aaron- my hand was smaller than the steak. That's a lot of meat. (That's what she said?) Anyway, it was great to spend time with his parents. Afterward, we looked high and low to find a jacket I wanted, but it did not exist. Boo hoo.

Today the Huskers take on the OU Sooners. Last year, I went with Aaron and his entire family to Norman, Okla., to see the Huskers...and they got slaughtered. I'm hoping this year is much different. Obvs. When we were in Norman, I remember A.'s family drew Christmas names. Fast forward one year and I'm excited to be included in that :) I'm really thankful I'm getting another set of people with whom I can share my life. Mostly, though, I just think Aaron's the best God could have given me.

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