Sunday, November 8, 2009


Apparently, my mom, who reads this blog, thought Aaron and I weren't getting anyone presents because of an earlier post. Nope, we're getting you all presents, so don't worry; we're just trying to be fiscally responsible (OOOOH!) with what we spend on each other.

...With that said, I'm wrapping Aaron's birthday presents right now. I feel so accomplished!!!

.... except for the fact that they're not gifts from me. A's mom and I went shopping this weekend and she passed on his b-day gifts from his family to me so I could give them to him around Thanksgiving, which is closer to his birthday than the next time she will see him. He's a lucky boy.

I went grocery shopping today and found the most lovely wrapping paper, and I can't wait to wrap up boxes in it. Wahoo! For me, the presentation is just as much a gift as the present itself. My mom always has the most beautifully wrapped gifts, and one of my lesser life goals is to wrap gifts with as much thoughtfulness as she does. It just makes you feel honored when you know someone took that time.

So, what do you think: Is presentation important to you, or is the most important part of a gift the present itself?


lvillegas said...
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lvillegas said...

the gift is absolutely the most important part. i say this because every year my dad searches high and low for the perfect christmas present for my mom. and every year it's wrapped in layers of old plastic department store bags and tied at the top with a big fat knots. sometimes there's packing tape involved. my mom loves it. that being said, i think it is important that the wrapping paper reflect the person who wrapped it. i like looking at a present and knowing who it's from just by how it's wrapped. and big plastic bags tied with a knot is absolutely my father.

lvillegas said...

ok, so i didn't know that you have to approve my comments so i've like resent my comment 200 times because i thought there was something wrong and that's why it wasn't showing up.