Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday morning

Good morning! I'm in Texas, at home, for the last day until I head back to the Midwest. Looking forward to wearing jeans and jackets comfortably and getting to see my favorite people, whom I haven't seen all summer. I love my roomies, and I can't WAIT to live together for one final semester. Tia, Amanda and Lauren (The LAT of LATE) have been my closest friends at school since the day (maybe hour?) I moved to the Good Life. L&A came to my door freshman year, right after I'd moved all my stuff in to the dorm, and asked if I was the Emily from Texas. They were both from Texas, too, and we immediately hit it off as transplants with a deep-rooted love for our home state (country, many people thought...just can't break those Texas stereotypes) and a burgeoning love for life in Nebraska. I met T, who would become my in-dorm roommate, a week or so later and we bonded immediately. Soon it was the four of us together as much as we could be. Tia and I roomed together our sophomore year, and LG and Amanda roomed together. Then, junior year, we moved to our apartment where the four of us lived harmoniously (most of the time :)!) And now we're back for our final run before T and I graduate and I get married! Amanda is also engaged, so there is probably going to be a shared plethora of bridal inspiration between the two of us. And I can't wait until late September, for Tia's 21st birthday, when we can all of the option of going out for Margaritas after a long day :) Can't wait to see you girls!

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