Saturday, August 8, 2009

The best thing a father can do for his children...

Happy 27th wedding anniversary to my wonderful Momma & Daddy.

Here's a little conversation (e-mail, I'll be honest) I copied and pasted because it made me transparently happy. I am blessed to have two parents who love each other. I remember being little and asking Mom who she loved the most, me or Jillian, and her responding "Daddy." I was kind of shocked, honestly... who DOESN'T put their kids first? But, five or so years later, as I plan my own wedding and pray over my own marriage, it makes complete sense. With the help of some wiser than myself:

*side note: Neither me nor my mom throw around the word "blessed." So the fact that I used it above and she will use it below are proof that this is important stuff. We are, after all, stoic protestants of German descent. Wouldn't want to get too involved in any sort of emotion :)

The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother

And that's what my parents have done.

Oh boy, now daddy doesn't have an excuse to not take me out for our 27th anniversary...... :)
Em: :) that's right! congrats. did you think that after you were married 27 years you'd have a daughter who would be getting married?
Mom: You know, I never really thought that through. In 1982 I stopped planning ahead after Year 2000.
E: Haha. I'll take that into consideration. Don't plan past the first 18 years. What did you want to do in your first 18 years of marriage?
Mom: Be married, have two wonderful children, have a career, and a nice home. I have that in writing from 1978. That's what I got, and I am blessed. The only thing is that one of the 2 was to be a boy, but hopefully after December 20, I have that, if Aaron can stomach it ;).

[side note dos: Jillian Rea was supposed to be Jack, but SURPRISE, I got a sister instead. Oh well, she's better than any brother could have been. Mom and Dad agree.]

See? Can't you tell that she's wonderful? And so is my dad. They were meant for each other. I wish I could add an e-mail conversation my dad sent along the same lines, but my dad is limited to "Hey Pal Hows ur day love u"-type e-mails. So trust me :)


Bo said...

Thanks for unknowingly writing something that will have a powerful impact on many people. Your awesome girl. God's best!


Bo said...

P.S. I mean't to type "you're" instead of "your." My typing skills are horrible. My proofing worse. :)