Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Social responsibility

A fellow Dow Jonesie, Katie, wrote recently about her job as a literacy volunteer. Her blog is twistingkaleidoscopes.blogspot.com. I was challenged and encouraged by her words and actions, and I am so happy to see social responsibility (all responsibility is social, I think) in the life of a college student/intern/young adult. It's challenged me to see how I can use something I'm good at to help someone else. Thanks, Katie.

The end of my weekend. Got a little done. Tomorrow's grocery day. Hopefully it's beach day, too...but from the sounds of the rain outside, it's not looking pretty.


Katie said...

Thanks so much Emily! I'm glad I could inspire. Depending on your hours and free time in Cape Cod, I'm sure there's places there you could volunteer if you're interested.

Hope your internship is going well!

Emily Anderson said...

In fact, I checked it out, but there's a 14 hour training period and you have to commit to work a year at our literacy center. I'm researching other avenues, though. Thanks again, Katie!